Windgazer reformatted

For the past two years, or close enough, I've been absent from my home-country, traveling Australia and New Zealand and getting a whiff of their take on 'professional' web-development. As a result I have come back to Europe rejuvenated and with new purpose. I am a client-side developer, I implement User-Interfaces and I can help improve the User Experience. And now, more so than ever before, we can work together to make your web-application into one of those applications that people talk about, in a positive way.

When you are convinced that we should work together on a project that you are involved with, don't hesitate to contact me. I hope to work within the European Union, yet already have clients across the globe whom I occasionally help out! It doesn't matter where you are, it only matters when you are ready to go for the best.

For years this domain was used primarily as my own hobby-corner. Here you would be able to find odd little snippets of largely academic value and not by necessity of any practical use. These items will not disappear, they will lose focus.

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