A way for you to peruse projects that I have been involved with and possibly working on. I will endeavor to keep this list up to date and will include anything I deem a project, be it community-driven, a tool I needed to enhance my work or something I made money on.

Most of these projects are behaviours written in javascript, targetted at easy implementation into an existing web application. However, some of these works may have remained here well passed their expiration date, I do intend to address that problem soon.

All of these projects, javascript or otherwise, are to be taken as licensed by 'The Artistic License'. It basically comes down to that you can use my code for any project you want, commercial or not, as long as it's not my code that you're making money on.

Anyways, without further ado, check out the stuff I've got on the shelf:

I would like to hear from you if you've managed to find a use for something you've copy pasted from me or, if you feel overly generous, you might considder donating some money over PayPal ;)