App experimentations, file-index

So I've been working on app-development. Being the stuborn bastard that I am, I've chosen to try and use plain old HTML, CSS and Javascript for building the app(s). If this sounds familiar to you, you may have heard of the W3C Widgets, a specification of how to wrap up a set of files so as to easily distribute them as an application. Not unsurprising is the fact that several projects have eventually been spawned of of this early spec and now allow us to do such a thing. Although I have not yet bothered to do my research on this, I know for a fact that BlackBerry is using the widget format and from what other people told me, so may Phonegap. I've heard other names being dropped on this subject, but don't remember the details.

To some of us this sounds like heaven, I know it did to me :) But all is not as great as it may seem. While mobile devices are supposedly getting nicely up to date browsers, some of them with promises of standards support above and beyond that of mainstream browsers on our desktop machines. But as you may have seen coming, this cake is a lie. I've come to find that Android devices seem to have a solid grasp at least on the CSS2 spec, but are sometimes lacking somewhat in support of later additions from the CSS3 specs. While support for new awesome is growing in Android devices, IOS intends to regress from the standards, doing it's best to make your life hard in tailoring to it's devices. The latest windows phone isn't webkit and although it's rendering is reasonable, javascript support for touch-related events is not working the same (I have not gotten the chance to work this out yet). Lastly Blackberry is promising better standards support than even Chrome, but fails to implement the basic CSS2 'position: fixed' property.

So, now that I've giving you my hopes and despairs, what follows will be a list of writings on my attempts to figure out some of these issues and just as important, how to get around them. This list might contain javascript related problem, CSS, or even HTML. Some of them may concern bugs while others are simply about performance, or just missing implementation.

Available Experiments