CSS experimentations, lightbox

CSS3 delivers transformations to us and this of course is cause for some serious experimentation. How much can we achieve without Javascript?!? The intention of my attempts at making a lightbox are to create smooth transition in CSS3 with a javascript-less rought but working CSS2 alternative.

I'm pretty sure the CSS2 fallback still won't work in old IE's without at least some scripting, but that is of later concern. For now I just want a reasonable looking lightbox with smooth transitions and no JavaScript, let's see how far I get ;)



Honestly, so far, scriptless CSS3 lightbox seems to be an unobtainable goal. The concept of transitions is pretty damn cool, but far from finished, the previous examples simply do not satisfy. The first example, even after I made my selectors as fine-grained as possible (to keep it 'easy' on the browsers) the example is still riddled with bugs. It could be that my understanding of transitions is at fault, but I dare people to point out my error in judgement ;).