An attempt to replace the first letter of an element

All's fun and well with CSS, you can do a lot with it, but of all the possibilities the pseudo-class :first-letter must be ranked amongst the most cool ones. But, it wasn't quite enough for me to be able to float the first letter, make it bold and maybe change it's font-family. The selection of fonts is just too boring for that. I wanted more!!, so I went and did it.

This version 0.1(beta) uses a css selector to target the element you want to replace the first-letter of and replaces it with an image, not just any image mind you, but one representing the first letter, this creates the oppurtunity to make it all look really nice, slick, cool, awesome, whatever. Let's cut to the chase:

- Faerie Wings & Dragon Tales 28 Apr '99

From Faerie wings
to dragon tales
to dragon wings
from faerie tales

We all know them
young and old.
The princesses frail,
the heroes bold.

The dragons evil,
the princesses prey.
The magicians wise,
nearing their day.

But what if we had it
the wrong way around?
And evil magicians
were all we found?

Until dragons returning,
old, wise and frail
once and for all
spin the last faerie tail

A tale of glory
of honour and love
all taking place
under stars high above

A tail may cross
the boundries of time
pictured only
in words of rhyme

Yes, dragons will rid us
once and for all
from the foul magicians
come to their fall

And so it will be
that ev'ry one hails,
the Faerie wings
and dragon tales

The Little White Dragon