A friend of mine is in Morroco at the time of this writing. As it turns out they're using french keyboards all over the place. For those not understaning the significance, french keyboard don't use the qwerty layout, they use the azerty layout. This causes some problems when you're used to typing blind and fast... So, here's a few attempts to remap the keystrokes using javascript. Since I can't get low-level with javascript so far I've been having some side-effects. The recommendation remains to change the device-driver of the keyboard, these attempts should be regarded as a last-ditch effort!

If you intend to use this 'hack' to ease your typing efforts be sure to check all available versions to see which one best fits your particular preferences. Each will have it's own up and downside and are far from perfect solutions, but as each person is different I've made sure that all I come up with remains available and I leave it to you to decide which you find usefull and fit to your needs.

*** HERE BE DRAGONS! *** This is beta at best, use at your own risk, if you have not read above text, I recommend you do so now. You have been warned.