A beta release of a small SMS tool I'm building. It's current goal is aiming to create a gui for Mac OSX for use with the ipipi.com gateway. I've been using that service for almost a year now because my telco doesn't allow me to reach vodafone egypt. Because the package was aimed at OSX I've found there's a serious memory leak issue when running it on windows, as well as it not accually deconstructing itsself when closed, though on OSX this gets handled by the virtual machine.

So, in a nutshell, a seriously flawed app for the windows users, but OSX users can happily sms away with it. Provided you have an account with ipipi.com off course. About that, one more bug in the preferences, not too serious, there's two fields showing that should not be there, concerning empty passwords and saving your password. Set both to 'Y' (without the quotes).

*** HERE BE MONSTERS! *** This is a beta release, use at your own risk, if you have not read above text, I recommend you do so now. You have been warned.